Frameworks Films has been commissioned by Cork 2005 to undertake two major film and television projects in 2005, when Cork will be European Capital of Culture.

Frameworks Films is collaborating with 12 community and voluntary organisations on the production of 12 short issue-based films, Cork WideScreen. Each of the 12 films will be screened on a designated month in 2005 and all 12 films will be screened at 2 Gala Night Screenings in Cork City Hall on 4th June 2005 and 11th December.

Cork WideScreen Gala Night Cork City Hall - 4th June 2005 - 7.30pm

The 6 films that were screened on the night were:

Educating The Class (in collaboration with Community Women's Education Initiatives)

Who Are We Now? (in collaboration with Nasc, The Irish Immigrant Support Centre)

Making Mayfield (in collaboration with the Mayfield Employment Action Project)

Accommodating Togher (in collaboration with the Togher Family Centre)

Sunbeam (in collaboration with the Northside Folklore Project)

The Campaigners (in collaboration with the Cork Anti-War Campaign)

Cork Community Television Pilot Week

In the first week of November 2005, Frameworks Films in partnership with Cork 2005 broadcasted a pilot week of community television.

The purpose of the Pilot Week of Community TV was:

To showcase what Community Television is and what kind of programmes can be made for Community Television

To explore how Community Television can best serve the people of Cork

To generate interest and support to develop Community Television beyond 2005